Money For Small Business Owners Needing Cash! + More Information: Drone Developers Consider Obstacles That Cannot Be Flown Around + MORE 09/01/2014

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There are a lot of advantages of businesses using advances as compared to regular bank loans. These are easily available to new businesses and a business need not to have a strong credit history to get approval for business advances.
Another important factor is the amount of flexibility offered in business advances. The repayments are generally decided according to the current business and initial payments can be made quickly. The business owner has the advantage of making quick repayments in case of fast business.
But the overall cost of the business advance is much higher than regular bank loans. It is important that small business should consider business advances as initial funding only and these should not be preferred for long term financial requirements. Business funding offers the advantage of quick funding but like any other financial agreement, business owners should not enter into it lightly.

Business merchant cash advances for quick and easy funding for small-business owners in a tight credit market can be an easy thing to get accomplished these days!

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Credit Suisse/Baer tie-up talk


Speculation that the private Swiss bank Julius Baer could become a takeover target for larger rival Credit Suisse moved markets last week. But as Sonia Legg reports some are now questioning the financial benefits of a tie-up.

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Breakingviews: C.Suisse-Baer weak logic


A Credit Suisse tie-up with Julius Baer would be risky, says Reuters Breakingviews. Julius Baer shares rose after a report said the private bank could become a takeover target for Credit Suisse.

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The lifting of a 20-year ban represents a fundamentally different approach to a chronic problem: how to finance projects like roads and bridges without unsustainable levels of debt.

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Just as employers replaced pensions with retirement savings plans, more large companies appear to be making a similar cost-sharing shift with health plans.

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An Oregon-based solar company is proposing that punitive tariffs be imposed on Chinese manufacturers that have benefited from online espionage.

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Reuters on the Road: BizChat’s comms combo


Sept. 1 – BizChat’s Akil Benjamin takes Reuters taxi to explain how he’s simplifying communication for small businesses.

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Drone Developers Consider Obstacles That Cannot Be Flown AroundWith the recent demonstration of a drone-based delivery system by Google, the tech industry’s enthusiasm for the devices seems undimmed — but some issues will be difficult to solve.

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EU cleaners ban sparks rush to buy


A new EU law comes into force which will see the production of high powered vacuum cleaners banned in an attempt to cut carbon emissions. As Hayley Platt reports it’s sparked a rush to buy and anger among customers.

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