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Financial capital is the first requirement of every business. With the present economic downturn throughout Europe and sloppy economy in USA, it’s almost impossible for small business owners to get required funds for running their business. Generally most of the bigger firms enjoy long-term relationships with banks and other investors which make it easy for them to get financial aid during a tight cash flow situation. But smaller businesses find it really hard to get the required credit in time of need. In past few years, business to business cash advance has emerged as the favorite choice of small business owners. The main reasons behind this popularity are instant approval and minimal credit checking involved in the process. This article will discuss various aspects of business cash advances.

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Dr. Michael Phillips, the director of NYU Langone Medical Center’s infection prevention and control unit, knows that at any time someone might appear carrying a dangerous virus.

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The family of a woman who was killed in 2010 after her ignition switch failed revived the previously settled case, claiming that the company fraudulently concealed evidence.

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Well: Ask Well: Does Yoga Build Strength?A reader asks: Is yoga sufficient strength exercise for optimal health, or do I have to lift weights in a fitness center?

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Well: Cook a Peck of Peppers


Well: Cook a Peck of PeppersThere will be a bounty of peppers mild and hot through October. Here are five new ways to prepare them.

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An Epicurean Village Is Too Rich for Some Paris AppetitesAn entrepreneur aims to transform a working-class district into a high-concept gastronomic haven, but critics foresee the rise of another bourgeoisie enclave.

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Medical Marijuana Research Hits Wall of U.S. LawThough over one million people are thought to use marijuana to treat ailments, there are few studies on its effectiveness. A major reason: The federal government puts tight restrictions on research.

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Working Capital Business Cash Money Here! + More Info: Well: Birth Weight and Diabetes + MORE 09/02/2014

African-Americans born at low birth weight are at an increased risk for Type 2 diabetes later in life, a new study has found..... More »

Business Cash Flow Funding Call 904-551-6090: Harvard Law, Moving to Diversify Applicant Pool, Will Accept GRE Scores + MORE 03/08/2017

The elite law school, following the University of Arizona law school, seeks to widen its pool of potential students by not requiring the LSAT..... More »

Business Cash Flow Funding News: Morton Silverstein, Documentarian Who Explored Social Ills, Dies at 86 + MORE 10/13/2016

An Emmy Award winner, Mr. Silverstein said he was driven by a “sense of outrage at people being exploited and people without voices.”.... More »

Business Cash Flow Funding Call 904-551-6090: An (Edible) Solution to Extend Produce’s Shelf Life + MORE 12/14/2016

A start-up, Apeel, has developed an alternative to the wax and other tricks growers use to keep produce fresh longer. It may also reduce food waste..... More »

Working Capital Business Cash Money Here! + More Info: Disney Infinity Game Studio Hires a Top Player to Create Toy Box Levels + MORE 09/15/2014

Disney noticed a teacher’s winning streak when it came to creating levels of a video game and asked if he would be interested in pursuing that for a living..... More »