Working Capital Business Cash Money Here! + More Info: DealBook: Federal Judge Says Argentina’s $539 Million Attempt at Payment Is ‘Illegal’ + MORE 06/28/2014

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Financial capital is the first requirement of every business. With the present economic downturn throughout Europe and sloppy economy in USA, it’s almost impossible for small business owners to get required funds for running their business. Generally most of the bigger firms enjoy long-term relationships with banks and other investors which make it easy for them to get financial aid during a tight cash flow situation. But smaller businesses find it really hard to get the required credit in time of need. In past few years, business to business cash advance has emerged as the favorite choice of small business owners. The main reasons behind this popularity are instant approval and minimal credit checking involved in the process. This article will discuss various aspects of business cash advances.

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The difference between high-performers and workaholics. Keeping personal and business finances separate. And the shunning of malls.

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DealBook: Prosecutors Seek Sentence of at Least 8 Years for Mathew Martoma in Insider Trading CaseThe sentence for the former trader would be at the upper end of prison sentences for hedge fund traders convicted of insider trading in recent years.

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A report to President Obama from a top adviser points to a multitude of problems, just as demand for services is increasing.

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Mr. King was a San Antonio businessman and pilot who sketched out an idea with his lawyer for a low-cost airline for Texas businessmen.

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New General Motors Recall Includes Best SellersG.M. said it was recalling more than half a million more vehicles, including full-size pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles that can suddenly switch into neutral.

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Well: 50 Ways to Love Your Quinoa


Well: 50 Ways to Love Your QuinoaI continue to find new uses for quinoa, which keeps well in the refrigerator after it’s cooked and adds protein and textures to these easy salads, including some inspired by the ideas of the vegetarian cookbook author Deborah Madison.

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DealBook: Federal Judge Says Argentina’s $539 Million Attempt at Payment Is ‘Illegal’The deposit is the latest twist in a legal battle between the country and a group of holdout bondholders, who refused to agree to restructure their bonds after Argentina defaulted more than a decade ago.

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The Brave New World of Three-Parent I.V.F.A new treatment could sidestep certain hereditary diseases by altering the genetic makeup of the egg. Is there anything wrong with that?

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Business Cash Flow Funding Call 904-551-6090: Deutsche Bank Flew and Fell. Some Paid a High Price. + MORE 12/30/2016

With its rise as a trading powerhouse, Deutsche got mixed up in some of finance’s riskier, and most penalized, gambits..... More »

Business Cash Flow Funding Call 904-551-6090: Unbuttoned: Is All Fur Bad Fur? + MORE 12/02/2016

An Alaska Native turns to the fashion world to send a message about hunting, history and haute couture..... More »

Working Capital Business Cash Money Here! + More Info: Well: Can Exercise Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk? + MORE 07/02/2014

Exercise may help to keep the brain robust in people who have an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease..... More »

Working Capital Business Cash Money Here! + More Info: Well: Practicing on Patients + MORE 08/14/2014

Every doctor’s expertise is earned on patients, but unfortunately, there is a learning curve..... More »

Working Capital Business Cash Money Here! + More Info: DealBook: Obama Administration Presses for Retroactive Legislation on Tax Inversions + MORE 07/24/2014

Mark J. Mazur, the Treasury Department’s assistant secretary for tax policy, makes the case that any laws targeting inversions should be retroactive to May 2014, potentially affecting a number of multibillion-dollar deals..... More »