Working Capital Business Cash Money Here! + More Info: Race in Toyland: A Nonwhite Doll Crosses Over + MORE 07/27/2014

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Financial capital is the first requirement of every business. With the present economic downturn throughout Europe and sloppy economy in USA, it’s almost impossible for small business owners to get required funds for running their business. Generally most of the bigger firms enjoy long-term relationships with banks and other investors which make it easy for them to get financial aid during a tight cash flow situation. But smaller businesses find it really hard to get the required credit in time of need. In past few years, business to business cash advance has emerged as the favorite choice of small business owners. The main reasons behind this popularity are instant approval and minimal credit checking involved in the process. This article will discuss various aspects of business cash advances.

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Audi said it would cut spare-part prices in China as global automakers rush to change their pricing strategies after Chinese regulators began probing the auto industry.

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Ben Smith, BuzzFeed’s editor in chief, posted an apology, citing 41 articles that contained copied sentences or phrases.

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In Ferry Deaths, a South Korean Tycoon’s DownfallThe sinking of the ferry Sewol killed 304 passengers and exposed a web of questionable business practices by Yoo Byung-eun, who was found dead in June.

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‘Rule Followers’ Flock to a Convention Where Fake Violence ReignsAt Comic-Con, which puts violence in entertainment on display, attendees tend to behave well, highlighting the mystery in the debate about whether such mayhem influences behavior.

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Race in Toyland: A Nonwhite Doll Crosses OverThe blockbuster success of merchandise based on the “Doc McStuffins” cartoon reflects changing demographics, but what also differentiates Doc is her crossover appeal.

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Business Cash Flow Funding Call 904-551-6090: Jared Kushner Talks of a Trump TV Network With a Media Deal Maker + MORE 10/17/2016

Mr. Kushner, Donald J. Trump’s son-in-law, informally reached out to a veteran media investment banker, who is also a friend, about setting up the channel..... More »

Business Cash Flow Funding Call 904-551-6090: Vocations: Providing a Haven for the Homeless + MORE 03/24/2017

A counselor in New York offers assistance to troubled L.G.B.T. youth, many of whom are estranged from their families..... More »

Working Capital Business Cash Money Here! + More Info: AIDS Progress in South Africa in Peril + MORE 08/26/2014

Though few Americans realize it, South Africa owes much of its success in the fight against AIDS to a single United States program — one that is now in moving elsewhere..... More »

Working Capital Business Cash Money Here! + More Info: Speed and Spectators Lead to a Gaming Nexus + MORE 08/27/2014, bought by Amazon for over $1 billion, flourished with increasing data speeds and a budding community, taking over the start-up that created it..... More »

Working Capital Business Cash Money Here! + More Info: You’re the Boss Blog: A Co-Working Space for Cannabis Start-Ups + MORE 08/06/2014

The companies include business consultants, a customer-relations management business, a company that owns a “bud-and-breakfast” and one that builds “grow rooms” out of old shipping containers..... More »